HOA Management Services

HOA Management for Eastern WI

At Professional Property Consultants, our team works directly with your Board of Directors to concentrate on the big picture. This includes policy setting, strategic planning, and future preparations. In the meantime, day-to-day operations are entrusted to licensed Wisconsin community management professionals.


We offer homeowners association and condominium management, administrative support staff, financial and accounting services, homeowner communication, maintenance coordination, and many other value-added services.


The depth of our resources, along with the expertise of our highly experienced staff, allows us to work with existing associations, developers, and builders at any stage of the development process. Our systems and processes are all designed with that goal in mind. Our technology is structured to deliver a higher quality of life to the residents of our managed communities.

The Benefits of HOA Management

A More Experienced Hand at the Wheel

With licensed professionals managing your community, expertise is a luxury you can expect. Our management and administrative teams are experts in the industry with countless years of experience between them. Board members no longer need to worry about the more complex parts of community management.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Board members spend most of their free time tending to their community and completing various tasks. With professional help, though, managers can assume a majority of the workload and alleviate their burden. Our team of managers and administrative assistants can make your job easier without taking full control of your community.

Convenience at Its Finest

Thanks to the advent of modern technology, it is now possible for homeowners to access their accounts and pay their dues entirely online. Here at Professional Property Consultants, we take advantage of this by administering our own online portal. All of the communities we manage make use of this portal, which homeowners and board members can access with just a few clicks.