HOA Condominium Management

What Is Condo Management?

Community associations generally come in two forms: homeowners associations and condominium associations. Homeowners associations are typically made up of individual, detached homes that share no common elements other than fences and community amenities.


On the other hand, condominiums usually have many shared elements, such as walls, windows, and plumbing. Additionally, many condo units have balconies that may fall under the management of the association.


Condo management and HOA management share many similarities. Both require the collection of dues, communication with owners, the preparation and management of budgets, and the enforcement of rules. But, maintenance is where much of the difference lies.


With homeowners associations, maintenance is normally limited to the areas and spaces all homeowners share, such as sidewalks, private roads, clubhouses, and pools. With condo associations, maintenance also extends to the limited common elements, which are elements shared only between a few owners or condos. Of course, condo associations also have to oversee the maintenance of general common elements, which are things all condo owners share (such as pools, elevators, etc.).

Local Condo Management Services

Professional Property Consultants offers condo management services to condominium associations of all sizes. By partnering with us, your condo association can look forward to the timely and effective completion of tasks.


Our Wisconsin condominium management services include:


  • Dues collection
  • Budget preparation
  • Accounting and financial management
  • Maintenance coordination
  • Preferred vendor management
  • Policy setting
  • Strategic planning
  • Covenant and rule enforcement
  • Condo owner communication
  • Board meeting preparation
  • Community website management
  • Emergency after-hours service
  • Board education