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Professional Property Consultants goal is to proactively apply our expertise and resources to work as partners alongside our Board members to protect, preserve and enrich the value of our communities.

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We want you to enjoy your community, not dread it.

At Professional Property Consultants, our team works directly with your Board of Directors to concentrate on the big picture. This includes policy setting, strategic planning, and future preparations. In the meantime, day-to-day operations are entrusted to licensed Wisconsin community management professionals.


We offer homeowners association and condominium management, administrative support staff, financial and accounting services, homeowner communication, maintenance coordination, and many other value-added services.

A Full-Service HOA Management Company

Since our founding in 2010, we have been a leader in the professional management of condominiums and homeowner associations. Our team consists of top-notch professionals who deliver exceptional services based on best practices in the community management industry. For outstanding and reliable HOA management in Wisconsin, PPC is the one to call.

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Here at Professional Property Consultants, we endeavor to provide unparalleled top-to-bottom solutions to the communities we manage. Our clients benefit from a holistic approach to community management, with services ranging from accounting and collections to maintenance coordination.

In addition to expert Germantown HOA management, we take advantage of modern technology to make our services more convenient and accessible to homeowners and board members. No other company in Wisconsin does homeowners association and condo management the way we do.

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What are other Board Members saying?

An HOA management company takes over most of the board’s day-to-day responsibilities, from collecting homeowner dues to maintaining the common areas.


Professional Property Consultants is an HOA management company that can significantly lighten your board’s burden on community management. We specialize in a number of services – one of them being dues collection. Dues are an important part of HOA management, as they are the lifeblood of the community. Without dues, there would be no way to pay for the association’s maintenance and essential expenses.


Collecting dues, especially those that have gone unpaid for a long time, can come as a challenge to board members. This is where PPC steps in and takes charge. Our management personnel are trained in all manners of collection, including settling delinquent dues.


We also work hard to enforce an HOA’s rules and regulations. More often than not, board members find it hard to do so because they have come to know residents on a personal level. At PPC, we always maintain a professional relationship with our clients and their communities. To ensure a secure and comfortable environment for everyone, we see to it that each resident adheres to the guidelines set forth by the association.


In addition to these, we make sure that every community is properly maintained at all times by hiring and coordinating with reputable contractors and vendors to perform necessary tasks. We also ease the board’s responsibilities by being the ones to send out notices and stay in communication with residents.


To sum it up, an HOA management company prioritizes the needs of the community and always works to put the community’s best interests first. It fulfills a number of obligations typically reserved for the board of directors, including collecting dues, maintaining the common areas, enforcing the rules, and communicating with homeowners.


While these are the most basic services, many companies also go above and beyond by providing other solutions to communities. These services can include but are not limited to budgeting, tax filing, financial reporting, board education, risk assessment, insurance, and legal assistance.


Best of all, an HOA management company is well-versed in the industry’s best practices and incorporates these standards in all aspects of community management. When you partner with a reliable HOA management company like PPC, you can look forward to a safe community with smooth operations.